How do I get started?
We offer a complimentary 30 minute session to review your background, describe our services, and allow all of us to see if there is a mutual fit. Contact us at service@acecareer.net or call 400-800-9308 to arrange a meeting. We can meet via wechat, QQ or phone.

 Do you work with particular industries?
The coaches in The CareerGlobal Serivice have more than 10 years of workplace experience across almost every major industry. We have in depth knowledge of the following industries: accounting,finance, consulting, consumer packaged goods, entrepreneurship, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, higher education, high tech, hospitality, media and entertainment, and many more.

 Will I be assigned to one coach or have access to the entire team?
You will be assigned two primary coaches that will work with you on the bulk of your work. That said, all of our coaches are always available to provide coaching particularly if you require coaching in a particular industry more familiar to another coach.

 What specific coaching packages do you offer?
We offer a variety of coaching packages ranging from just resume and cover letter to more robust and encompassing our full curriculum. We also provide coaching on an hourly basis.

 Why did you start The CareerGlobal Service?
We love working with aspiring young and mid-career professionals. Our mission is to teach young aspiring and mid-career professionals the lifelong skills and job search strategies necessary to find their career path now and in the future