About CareerGlobal

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CareerGlobal.cn® is the online division of CareerGlobal . CareerGlobal is a China-based leading career coaching company. We are striving for providing high level career coaching services for Chinese people with overseas study and work experience around the world as well as expats who look for career opportunities in China. We are long-standing members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. We have provided best-of-class career services for individual job seekers, students and faculty of universities, employees of Fortune 500 companies. Hundreds of thousands of clients — whether mid-career professional, executive, or entry level – have succeeded in reaching their career goals. While we provide superior service and quality, we never lose sight of our number one goal: supporting our clients through a deep commitment to their success.
Taking the next step in your career can be exciting yet challenging. Sometimes you may not even know what your next step is. With the right support from a professional consultant, you can discover your strengths and passions, shine a light on your ideal career path, excel in every interview or land your dream job.
CareerGlobal is an industry leading company where bold thinking, inspired people and a passion for results come together for extraordinary impact.
Over the past ten years, CareerGlobal has helped clients from all professions achieve job fulfilment and rewarding careers that meet their personal, financial and motivational needs. That’s why more and more people rely on us to navigate their career journey and find the right career path.