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Whether you’re finishing a degree and embarking on the search for a job, changing your career path after several years of experience, or want to make a lateral move in your current industry, The CareerGlobal can help you make your transition as smoothly and deliberately as possible. With 10 years of combined experience , and over 10,000 clients in 25 different industries, our China based career coaches provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to identify and succeed in your chosen career field.
In a job climate driven by networking and digital recruiting, it’s rare that job-seekers are able to use “traditional” means for finding a job, much less a career. In fact, as the Wall Street Journal recently reported, the majority of available jobs are never publicly advertised. Our team at The AceCareer Global Service helps you develop the skills you need to properly market yourself as a viable candidate for any job—in person, online, and on your resume.
Proven Process. Comprehensive Curriculum. Results Oriented.
We tailor a program to each client based on our proven process, detailed curriculum, and years of experience coaching young aspiring and mid-career professionals. Our mission is to teach the lifelong skills and job search strategies necessary to find your career path now and in the future. Our curriculum is intensive and our coaching sessions content rich. We will challenge the ways you think, dream, plan, and act. Most importantly, we partner with you to define your career path and achieve your career goals.
Sign up for our personalized coaching today to embark on our six-step process, including our complimentary introductory session in which we’ll try to gain a deeper understanding of your short-term plans, as well as your long-term career goals. Over the course of your coaching, you’ll become equipped with the tools needed to present yourself correctly in interviews, build your professional network, and market yourself in a short amount of time.
Browse our site to find out if our curriculum is a good fit for you. If you’re interested, schedule a free 30-minute session with one of our professional career coaches to discuss your career aspirations and begin working towards your future.