How It Works

Career Coaching Services

Our career coaching services follow a six step process. Each step is supported by our extensive curriculum and is customized to meet each client’s specific needs. In our complimentary introductory session, we strive to understand your short term career aspirations, interest in graduate school or professional certifications, and your long term career dreams and lifestyle goals. In addition, this session is also a two way interview to ensure that all parties agree that there is a mutual fit.
To decide on a job search trajectory, we talk about your interest and strengths, use assessment tools and handouts, and work through a variety of feedback forms. Our process is not a linear path, nor is it always sequential. Sometimes in the middle of finalizing resumes and cover letters, a surprise interview pops up and we need to shift our focus to prepare for the interview process. Our career counseling services are completely flexible and easily allow for this type of adjustment.

Our goal is for every client to move through all six steps of our curriculum and have a solid understanding of where they want to begin their professional career. Every client will also be equipped with life skills needed to help them navigate today’s workplace, including:
How to build your professional network
Research a new industry
Develop a target list of companies
Apply for a job
Deliver a compelling elevator pitch
Interview effectively
Build a contact management system
Present yourself with professionalism.
Please click on each stage below to learn more about our activities and deliverables.
Career Options & Trajectory:
Online Diagnostic and coaching discussion
Industry research and selection of two target markets
Informational interview request template
Mock informational interview practice
2,5,10 year potential career options plans
Marketing Materials & Personal Branding
Cover Letter
LinkedIn Profile
Job Search Strategy
Current job search tactics
Identifying target companies and organizations
Plan for working with on campus career services
Research & Networking
Marketing plan
Networking plan
Contact management plan
Two minute elevator pitch
Researching strategies and tactics
Applying & Interviewing
Develop 5-7 work experience “stories”
Application package
Identifying and requesting references
Attire/What to Wear
Mock Interview Preparation (how to present yourself, how to answer questions with a structured and comprehensive approach)
Interview thank you notes and follow up
Two 45 minute mock interviews
Decisions & Negotiations
Comparing opportunities
Evaluating compensation and benefits
Negotiating an offer
Accepting a position
Resigning a current position
Starting a new position successfully